Swimmers can transfer to a shorter distance wave (subject to there being capacity). 

  • Pre wave allocation – up until the point whereby entrants are allocated their wave and fulfilment takes place (approx. 6 weeks prior to the event weekend)

Please contact us here with your full name and details of the distance you have entered together with the distance you would prefer. The original entry is then withdrawn and the entrant is emailed an online entry form for the shorter distance event. No admin fee is charged, and no entry fee is refunded.

  • Post wave allocation – Once waves have been allocated and swim packs have been sent out, distance transfer requests will be managed on the day at the information point on the event site. 

Swimmers wishing to change distance must present their race pack to be replaced for the shorter distance equivalent (subject to there being capacity within the event). Swimmers must do this at least 1 hour prior to desired swim wave start. No admin fee is charged, and no entry fee is refunded.

Swim Runners can also transfer to the shorter distance SwimRun and the swap will occur at the pre event briefing or at the information point at the event site.